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Delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to keep you ahead of trends.

As one of the largest European manufacturers of Supplements, Vitamins and Superfoods we offer botanically based, scientifically driven, high-quality products that maximize all areas of human health and improve the quality of life.


Sell branded organic foods and supplements that impress. We offer a botanically based, scientifically driven, potent range of supplements & foods that maximizes all areas of human health, improving the quality of life. By working with us, you will get the opportunity with your own brand to step on the highest step of sustainable companies and thus follow the latest trends. Quality, 100% natural ingreedients and branding in just one product line. Contact us and add a inovative organic program to your offer. You’ll notice how quickly you’ll impress customers.


Are you a company that’s looking to expand their range of brands? Our products are perfect for companies that are commited to nature and a healthy lifestyle. We produce goods that are trendy, 100% natural, organic and they all are scientifically proven. Join our community of companies and benefit from our quality range of Nature’s Finest products!


Either a full container or just a few kilo bags, we can supply you with all of our listed products. Send us an email to discuss a customized bulk solution for your brand and we will quote you our best offer.

More than 13 years of success

For the past 13 years, our company has been dedicated to achieving great success. We have worked tirelessly to provide innovative solutions and exceptional services to our clients, and we take pride in the results we have achieved. Throughout the years, we have built strong relationships with our customers, partners, and employees, and we have continued to grow and evolve as a company.


Years in the business








Our mission is to produce the highest quality organic foods and food supplements for our clients and create long-lasting partnerships based on trust, integrity and innovation.


We lead by example, with the unstoppable development of organic, natural, innovative and scientifically proven products. Driving innovation through our experienced in-house product development team and our quest to be market leaders and trendsetters.

Nutrisslim brands

Nature’s finest is affordably positioned within the group of natural food supplements, superfoods, organic foods and functional foods. We use strategic performance marketing to scale the brand recognition and sales at the same time.

Babe’s Vitamins is a line of natural vitamins, supplements and superfoods that help babes around the world shape their bodies naturally, boost their health and overcome daily challenges! Made only of the highest quality ingredients that are tailored to meet the unique needs of women.

Malie is a brand aimed at children foods and suppelemnts withing the group of natural food supplements, superfoods and organic foods.

Naturz is affordably positioned within the group of natural food supplements, superfoods, organic foods and functional foods.

Product range

Collagen mixes for skin and hair, natural body scrubs, cosmetics etc.

Natural blends of superfoods and patented clinically proven ingreedients for body detoxification.

Functional products with patented clinically proven ingreedients for slimming.

Make yourself healthier, with superfoods.

Whey & plant-based proteins, sports food and supplements to nourish and support top performace.

With a variety of over 100 super foods, our range is one of the largest you can get.

Functional products with patented clinically proven ingreedients for slimming.

Functional products that solve specific problems such as stress, insomnia, bloating, etc.


All our products are manufactured in accordance with strict standards applying to the production of pharmaceuticals (GMP) and dietary supplements (HACCP).


We closely monitor and ensure that our products are of top quality. We work closely with nutritionists and scientists to always offer only the most effective products that are supported by science.


All our health and nutritional supplements are developed by in-house experts from the Scientific and Nutritional Supplementation R&D.


We utilize 100% natural and organic ingredients that are scientifically proven to work, without any kind of artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives and pesticides.


Our brand values


We use only 100% natural and organic ingredients, without any kind of artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives and pesticides. Our products are always GMO free! We always make sure to test the quality of our products before putting them out on the market!

Powered by naturel

We put our customers first, which is why we always carefully choose what we put in our products. All of our products have 100% natural ingredients that are chosen from organic production.


With a wide selection of products for all ages and lifestyle, we are sure that you too will find exactly what you need!

Scientifically proven

We work closely with nutritionists and scientists when developing our products. We are determined to always offer only the most effective products that are supported by science, and by that we reliably help you to get results!

Innovation driven

We invest a lot of time, attention and energy in the development of our formulas and products and are always looking for ways to improve our products and bring you new ones as well. We innovate from 40 to 50 new products each year!


We believe in the power of knowledge, that is why we are always searching for new ways to expand it. We are constantly looking for new developments, innovative patents and revolutionary ingredients to contribute to trends in the supplements and organic food industry.

Quality standards

Reliable and innovative manufacturer of high quality and branded products according to the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.
Certificates include:


Our manufacturing facilities are HACCP certified, undergone stringent audit from an accredited third-party certification body.


IFS Food is an international standard for assessing product and process compliance in relation to food safety and quality.


An eco certificate is a recognition given to a company that has demonstrated its commitment to implementing sustainable practices and reducing its environmental impact.

Our advantage

From soil, to harvest, to processing, shipping and storage, we strive to provide only the finest, purest, most ethical products.

Our road and projection

For 2 consecutive years we have been rated one of top 10 fastest growing companies in Slovenia (Gazela 2018, Gazela 2019)

Where can you find us?

You can find our products in over 40 countires world wide. From Europe, Middle east, Asia, South America and more!