Our company is looking for long-term partnerships with influencers.

What are we looking for?
– We want a person who is willing to build our story with us and sees a connection to our products. 
– We want synergies and spontaneous content building. 
– We want to be proactive (on both sides, of course) and we want to knit the story together.

How can you collaborate with us?
– A paid partnership on Instagram occurs when an influencer or brand advocate shares a post or story and tags in a business account as a Business Partner.
– When applied correctly, the paid partnership tag appears at the top of the image or story where the area/location normally sits. Followers will see ‘Paid partnership with [Business Partner]’ directly under the account’s username. The Business Partner title is a hyperlink that leads directly to the business’s page.
– The use of the paid partnership feature is becoming commonplace among influencers, making the platform a more trusted source of brand referrals by increasing the level of transparency for influencers and brand advocates on the platform.


At Nature’s Finest by Nutrisslim, we are always open for new collaborations and we are aware that our mission, to offer natural solutions and supporting a healthy planet, can only succeed if we stand together!                                                     

Why promote Nature’s Finest by Nutrislim products?
– Wide selection of tried and successfully tested products for different audiences
– Access to already prepared advertising material, such as images and textual content.
– Constantly adding new and innovative products.