About Nutrisslim

Our Story

Going back to nature

We are passionate about a natural and holistic approach to every individual’s well-being.

We believe that in order to achieve a higher quality of life, we must go back to nature. Our health solutions contain scientifically validated natural substances of the highest quality. They nurture our bodies and spirits, while also helping us prevent illness.

At Nutrisslim we understand that everyone is unique. We’re all at different stages of life and have very diverse lifestyles, which is why we believe taking an individual approach to our customers is crucial. By offering a large variety of products, we provide complete and customized solutions for helping our customers find an inner balance and improve their lifestyles.

Our Approach​

Nature & science working together

Our products contain safe and effective natural compounds, processed under strict pharmaceutical standards. Nature provides highly efficient solutions to most of the challenges we face. Some plants possess unique properties that make them unbelievably resilient. This is where we come in, adapting these remarkable substances for our bodies to utilize to their full potential.

The story of Nutrisslim

The story of Nutrislim and the Nature’s Finest brand began to be written more than thirteen years ago. In 2010, the leaders of the company Nutrisslim decided to go on an independent journey and start the production and marketing of food products under their own brand. At first, the products were marketed under the brand name Nutrisslim, and later the brands Nature’s Finest, Babe’s and Malie were added to our sales portfolio.

The business path of the company was also marked by the great friendship that was forged between the founder Bojan Kržič and the renowned French nutritionist Michel Montignac, who was known worldwide for his theory of eating with a low glycemic index. In 2010, they entered into a business partnership, but their collaboration began many years before that. Today, all our brands appear on the market exclusively independently, although some still share the same philosophy as at the very beginning.

Team introduction

Our road and projection

For 2 consecutive years we have been rated one of top 10 fastest growing companies in Slovenia (Gazela 2018, Gazela 2019)

Where can you find us?

You can find our products in over 40 countires world wide. From Europe, Middle east, Asia, South America and more!

How We Can Help You

Our mission is to produce the highest quality organic foods and food supplements for our clients and create long-lasting partnerships based on trust, integrity and innovation.

Highest quality foods and food supplements.

We lead by example, with the unstoppable development of organic, 100% natural and scientifically proven products.

Driving innovation through our experienced in-house product development team and our quest to be market leaders and trendsetters.