Nutrisslim brands

Nature’s finest is affordably positioned within the group of natural food supplements, superfoods, organic foods and functional foods. We use strategically the performance marketing as a tool to scale the brand recognition and sales performance at the same time.

Babe’s Vitamins is the perfect line of all natural vitamins, supplements and superfoods that help babes around the world shape their bodies naturally, boost their health and overcome daily challenges! Made only of the highest quality ingredients that are tailored to meet the unique needs of women.

Malie is a brand aimed at children foods and suppelemnts withing the group of natural food supplements, superfoods and organic foods.

Naturz is affordably positioned within the group of natural food supplements, superfoods, organic foods and functional foods.

Product range

Detox & health


A natural blend of green superfoods for body detoxification

Functional detox 

7 effective products that are designed to solve specific problems, and help you detoxify your whole body

OK! line

Functional products that solve specific problems such as stress, insomnia, holesterol, menopause.

Functional coffee

Make yourself healthier, while enjoying a cup of coffee

Functional teas

Tean infustions with detox, slimming, heatlh and beauty benefits.

Vitamins & minerals

Vitamins and minerals to support your health


Collagen mixes

Functionable collagen powders with hyaluronic acid, q10 and much more!

Hair care and growth

Hair vitamins with collagen and biotin, anti gair loss supplements and more.

Lifestyle cosmetics

Teeth whitening strips, tanning mist, hair mask and derma rollers.


Fat burning

Fat burning suppelements that help you bun of excess body weight.

Appetite supression

Supplements for appetite supression

Weight control

Supplements for weight control

Diet supplements

Sugar & Fat blockers, that help remove calories from meals, and helps you lose weight without strick diets.

Healthy food & superfoods

Bio Rice drink 

Ready-made rice drink powder with an exceptional taste and always freshly prepared

Peanut butters

Flavoured peanut butters enriched with vegetable proteins

Herbal Lattes 

Natural premixed powders with specific functional effect

Breakfast cereals

Enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast


With a variety of over 100 super foods, our range is one of the largest you can get.

Functional breakfast cereals

Enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast.

Sports nutrition

Vitamin Waters 

Vitamin waters ready to be prepared, delicious and refreshing.

Vegan Proteins

Blend of plant-based proteins with all the best superfoods packed with nutrients to nourish and support the body.

Whey Proteins 

Why protein powders, protein oatmeal porridges and calorie-friendly desserts.


Brand chain amino acids for maximum sports performance.


Isotonic drink for sports hydration and endurance.