37% of men and 53% of women adopt this habit in May

Our team at Nutrisslim has conducted a few fun surveys in the last weeks. We’ve consulted with our business partners about some consumer trends, typical of May.
It appears that during mid-Spring, consumers are increasingly prioritizing their health. This is reflected in a growing demand for healthy foods and supplements.
To support these claims, we have spoken to a large group of customers. Many expressed their intention to start eating healthier in May. They told us that they tend to relax during Easter and let themselves enjoy some typically unhealthy foods and get back into the swing of things later.
Also, many people are motivated eat healthier because summer is approaching and they want to look their best. There’s often societal pressure to have a “beach body” during the summer months. This pressure, whether it’s valid or not, often motivates people to buy specific products.

Among men, 37 out of 100 respondents indicated a desire to start eating healthier as summer approaches. This shows a notable shift in mindset towards health among male consumers. Likewise, among women, 53 out of 100 respondents expressed a similar inclination towards healthier eating.

Good news ‒ getting back to eating healthily can be simple with the right foods, especially if they taste good and don’t make people feel guilty. Nutrisslim is dedicated to providing completely natural, delicious foods that don’t taste as “healthy” as they actually are!

Our organic cereals and peanut butters are always popular choices. These products are wholesome alternatives to sweet snacks or highly caloric breakfast foods. There is also an interest in smoothies because they are quick and easy to prepare, making them a convenient option for busy people who may not have time for a sit-down meal.

Our smoothie mixes are packed with nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and fibre. It’s important that you, as a business, capitalize on this seasonal, but growing trend towards healthier eating habits by offering products that your customers will enjoy.

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