Don’t miss on the 30% sales increase of these aesthetically pleasing, instagrammable drinks … and make profit!

These frothy, colourful lattes are completely taking over social media, and as our internal data shows; they are particularly popular among buyers in the summer months!

Let us show you why these pretty beverages like golden latte, pink latte or matcha latte can financially benefit YOU, dear reader!

Social media hypes up interesting drinks

If you often scroll on Instagram or are hanging out at the trendiest boutique coffee shops, chances are you’ll come across matcha, pink, or turmeric lattes.

In an age where a pretty-looking beverage isn’t just a beverage but a visual experience, social media is the no. 1 outlet for aesthetically pleasing photos.

Women are the primary consumers

Women are the primary buyers of fun-looking latte drinks. Especially the pink-coloured latte has taken social media by storm and it’s almost solely girls that have contributed to its popularity. Fun, colourful lattes make for stunning photos but also create a delightful social experience.

The (aesthetic) social experience

Beyond the cup, a latte of any kind can be a shared experience and is a great way to connect with people.
These frothy drinks are an excellent social beverage and a great conversation starter. Why not bring a bit of colour into your otherwise brown, caffeinated hangouts life?


Let us present our most “aesthetic” and bestselling latte collection, which has seen 30% sales increase this summer!

Our cutest collection and one of our steady bestsellers!

  • All 100% natural and lactose-free
  • And one of our post popular, particularly among younger women
  • All-year-round bestsellers, but the interest skyrockets during summer
  • Pink Collagen Latte: Is THE summer drink of 2024, beloved for its vibrant pink hue, featuring hyaluronic acid, collagen, and ashwagandha to promote skin elasticity and energy.
  • Detox Latte: A refreshing beverage designed to support body detoxification and digestion, ideal for those committed to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Coconut Slim Latte: Our standout summer bestseller, beloved for its creamy flavor and reputed slimming properties, perfect for beach season.
  • Matcha Latte: Not just a trend, but a health-conscious choice with its rich nutritional profile and frothy, Instagram-worthy appeal.
  • Good Night Latte: A cocoa-infused blend enriched with calming ashwagandha and cinnamon, cherished as a natural aid for relaxation before sleep.
  • Golden Curcuma Latte: Spiced with anti-inflammatory turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon, this autumnal drink boosts energy, enhances concentration, and offers unique healing benefits.

By aligning your product range with this trend, you will effectively attract and retain customers – particularly young women.     

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