35% increase in demand for slimming products for summer

Summer is just around the corner ‒ and with it comes the societal pressure to have a beach-ready body.

This pressure, whether it’s valid or not, significantly motivates people to buy slimming products. In the last weeks and months, there has been a noticeable 35% increase in demand for slimming beverages and supplements.

Our recent B2C surveys provide insights for retailers looking to capitalize on this trend.

Consumers like to drink their way to a slimmer body
Our survey with 170 men and 170 women between the ages of 25 and 55 reveals interesting data about consumer habits:

  • Around 40% of respondents regularly drink coffee, particularly black coffee (because it works as an appetite suppressant)
  • Around 30% drink different herbal teas
  • 88% of these consumers drink these beverages with the goal of reaching weight loss.

This data indicates a significant opportunity for retailers to market weight-loss supplements and slimming products that complement these popular beverages.


 2. What even is a “beach-ready body”?

  We conducted another survey with the same participants, focusing on what a “beach-ready-body” means to them and what they wish to achieve.

Here is what people said:


  • Men overall (more than 70%!) wish to have a flatter stomach and more prominent muscles
  • Some men (about 30%) expressed that they wish to look more tanned


  • Up to 60% wish to eliminate cellulite
  • Up to 70% wish to appear slimmer, particularly in their stomach and thigh area
  • 53% of surveyed women wish to look more tanned

About 35% of both men and women expressed interest to try out a slimming supplement in order to lose more weight.


3. People shop. But WHERE do they shop?
Understanding where consumers prefer to shop helps you strategize their sales approach:

  • 62% still prefer to buy products in physical stores (most saying that they like to touch the product and see it in person)
  • 38% prefer online shopping (due to convenience)

4. Recommendations for businesses to attract customers

Based on these insights, we recommend that retailers:

  • Stock up on popular products: With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to list slimming products and supplements that meet the growing demand.

The ideal choice:

  • Nature’s Finest OK!FatBurn Coffee with L-carnitine and guarana for weight loss is one of our top-sellers every year
  • Market weight-loss beverages:

Highlight coffee and tea products that support weight loss to attract the 88% of consumers interested in such benefits.

The ideal choice:

  • SL!M Coffee with Neopuntia™ that helps you lose weight and control cravings
  • OK!FatBurn Coffee with L-carnitine and guarana for weight loss
  • FatBurn Tea that boosts fat metabolism and promotes weight los

Target women’s preferences:

Focus marketing efforts on products that reduce cellulite, help you lose weight and promote tanned skin:

The ideal choice:

  • Cellulite PRO with patented ProGarcinia™ for cellulite reduction
  • FatBurn Tea that boosts fat metabolism and promotes weight loss
  • Bronze PRO: Tanning supplement with a unique 3-in-1 formulation
  • Strengthen online and in-store presence:

Ensure that both your online and physical store inventories are well-stocked and updated to capture the 38% of consumers shopping online and the 62% in physical stores.

Stock up on some of the most popular products from Nature’s Finest:

  • FatBurn Coffee
  • SL!M Coffee
  • FatBurn Tea
  • Slim Coconut Latte
  • Cellulite PRO
  • Bronze PRO

By aligning your product range with this seasonal consumer trend, you can effectively attract and retain customers looking for slimming solutions.

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